Building a custom deck is a huge undertaking, but it’s one that is totally worth it! At Premier Deck in New Hampshire, we design and install some of the best decks in the state. If you are wondering when is the best time to build your new, custom deck, here are four things to consider! To get started with the design and installation of your dream deck, contact Premier Deck today!


Your deck gets put to great use all summer and fall, but when the cold weather comes, how do you get your deck ready for the harsh New Hampshire winter? At Premier Deck, we specialize in designing and building some of the best decks in the state and helping our clients to maintain them. As winter approaches, here are four tips to help your deck not only survive, but thrive this winter. If you are looking to design and build a new deck for your home, reach out to us today!


Fall is a wonderful time of year here in New Hampshire. The leaves are turning brilliant hues of yellow, red, and purple, the animals are migrating south for the winter, and the weather is becoming colder with each day, but preserving the mid-afternoons with the perfect temperature.

Premier Deck is a local deck builder that specializes in deck installations and repairs. We help both commercial and residential customers here in New Hampshire with the best custom decks, unique railing options, helical pile foundations, and lattices. Below, we'll go over some ways to prepare your deck for the fall.

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If you’re looking for a foundation solution that is strong, durable, and adaptable, helical piles might be the perfect option for you. Premier Deck is one of the best custom deck builders in New Hampshire, and helical piles are what we use to ensure our customers are receiving the most stable foundation possible. Read more about why we choose to rely on these essential screws to anchor in foundations, then contact us to get your next project started!


When planning to build a new deck, it’s important to get started early with the process. At Premier Deck in New Hampshire, we often advise our clients to get started with the process in the winter for several reasons. In this blog, we will explain why it’s important for you to get started with your deck-building process during the winter! As the top-rated local® custom deck builder in New Hampshire, we take pride in our work. Check out our website today for help getting your custom deck started today!


Stop daydreaming about the deck you wish you had. With the contractors from Premier Deck, you no longer have to imagine having a deck for your New Hampshire home, as we’ll have one perfectly constructed for you. Here’s everything you need to know about the most dedicated crew of custom deck builders in New Hampshire.


Deciding to finally build a deck to add a beautiful addition to your home? Sometimes the timing is not always perfect, but that is okay! At Premier Deck, the winter season is just another obstacle, but we will always get the job done! Read to learn more about us and how we can help you with the beautiful addition to your home!


Building a deck can be a costly task with the national average for deck construction hovering around $7,000. However every deck is different, and most people are curious about how much their specific deck will cost. At Premier Deck in New Hampshire, our experienced builders ensure that your money goes towards a deck you can be proud of. Here are some of the things that impact how much your deck will cost to build! To schedule a consultation with the premier deck builder in New Hampshire, visit our website today.


The short answer is yes, you do need a permit to build a new deck. However, there is more to the story. As the premier custom deck builder in New Hampshire, Premier Deck takes pride in our building process and ensures that everything we do is up to code, and safe for you and your family. Here is everything you need to know about the permit process for building a new deck onto your home! If you have any questions regarding this process, reach out to Premier Deck today.


Sometimes the best way to draw creative inspiration for any project is to look at beautiful pre-existing examples, to gain a better idea of what your own unique creation should look like! If you’re looking for a little inspiration to inform your residential deck design, Premier Deck can take you on a worldwide tour right here on our blog. Today we are going over a few stunning examples of beautiful deck architecture showcasing breath-taking views! Create your own with us today!