Deck Builder FAQs Part 1

If you’re looking to add a gorgeous new deck to your New Hampshire home, our Premier Deck contractors can help you realize that dream! If you already have an idea on what sort of outdoor living space you’d like to create, or need some light on the overall process, our staff is here to answer all your questions! Today on our blog we’re going over a few of the frequently asked questions we receive from clients who are curious about the entire deck building process. Check out a few of our answers and contact us today about revamping your New Hampshire property!

Does Premier Deck Offer Financing?

Yes! Our team at Premier Deck understands that as beautiful and functional a new residential deck is, these costs can quickly add up! We believe you and your family should be able to have the deck you’ve always wanted; one that you can enjoy for years to come and that increases your curb appeal and property value. Multiple fiance partners , giving our clients multiple affordable loan options to finance any home improvement project!

Does Premier Deck Provide Custom Deck Building?

Yes! If you already have a clear vision of what you want to achieve with your residential deck, the Premier Deck team can help bring your custom design to life! Our builders will keep you involved in the entire design process, so you have the freedom to add or remove aspects to curate the perfect home addition. After a few initial discussions, we will provide you with a few preliminary designs, working with you all the way through to the final product!

Is Any Sort Of Warranty Available?

Yes! Premier Deck with over twenty years of experience, and we believe whole-heartedly in providing high-quality products with expert craftsmanship. We are proud to provide you safety, security, and peace of mind with a Five Year Craftsmanship Warranty and a 30 Year Product Warranty. This means if you are not satisfied with your deck in any way, or if you come across any issue, we’ll take care of it!

How Long Does It Take To Build A Deck?

Our deck building process starts out with an initial visit of the residential location, where we will discuss what your vision is for the final product and a potential budget. Our partnership then enters the design phase, where we will create a few potential designs and work with you to create the perfect creative asset to work from. After this comes the actual production, including acquiring the necessary permits, ordering materials, and creating the deck itself. From the time a final design is created and approved, on average 1-2 weeks.

Learn More About Premier Deck Today!

Premier Deck has helped multiple property owners in the New Hampshire area to create their ideal outdoor living spaces. Our group of experienced skilled workers will walk you through the process, plan a deck that meets the exceptional requirements of you and your family, and build the perfect deck. For more information on our custom deck building services, get in touch with us today!