Deck Builder FAQs Part 2

Our Premier Deck building contractors are back here on our blog to answer a few more of the frequently asked questions we receive! We are proud to give New Hampshire homeowners a little insight into our overall building process, what you as a client can expect from us, and how we can help create your dream outdoor living space. Read through all of our answers here on our blog, and contact us today about starting the designing and building process!

Can I Modify My Deck’s Design If I Change My Mind?

Premier Deck’s construction process starts with an initial visit, where please don’t use contractors as it sounds like we use a third party discuss with you the specific needs your deck must meet; from there we will take all necessary measurements and pictures, and set up a budget agreement. Our team will then create a design proposal that includes two or three possible looks, which we will share and discuss with you. If anything doesn’t look right, or if you want to make any changes, we are happy to include any revisions! Once your perfect design is finalized, the formal contract proposal to begin construction is signed.

How Do I Care For My Deck After Installation?

Once the final walk-through with our Premier Deck team is complete, it’s important to do everything you can to prolong the quality of your new residential addition! If you discover any issues with the final product, contact us to invoke your Five Year Craftsmanship Warranty and a 30 Year Product Warranty. But if you wish to keep up with regular maintenance, invest in sun protection for your deck by applying a UV-protective finish, as well as a reapplication of stains every two to four years. There are also a few simple steps you can take to protect the final product from moisture and wind damage; check out this other post on our blog to learn more!

What Does A Typical Project Cost?

A brand new, beautiful Premier Deck for your New Hampshire home is a long-lasting investment that you can enjoy for years to come. However, due to the varying choice of design materials available, the final price tag can differ from one client to another. For an accurate estimation, contact our team and schedule a consultation! We believe every homeowner deserves to have a beautiful outdoor living space, which is why multiple fiance partners to provide financing options for all clients!

Build Your Dream Deck With Us Now!

Discover all the different possibilities when it comes to deck building! Our Premier Deck team is happy to guide you through the entire process, allowing you to create a home addition that caters to your exact needs and wants. Learn more about our custom deck building services and contact us today to get started!