Extraordinary Decks Around The World

Sometimes the best way to draw creative inspiration for any project is to look at beautiful pre-existing examples, to gain a better idea of what your own unique creation should look like! If you’re looking for a little inspiration to inform your residential deck design, Premier Deck can take you on a worldwide tour right here on our blog. Today we are going over a few stunning examples of beautiful deck architecture showcasing breath-taking views! Create your own with us today!

Tribeca Penthouse Garden, New York City

Our first stop is in New York City, where the Tribeca Penthouse Garden is best known for providing a mountainesque wooden seat rising out of a stone yard landscape. Featuring a stainless-steel hot tub and encircled by grasslands, this type of outdoor living space is the type homeowners dream about. Draw influence from this ideal spot atop the Manhattan horizon and design your own home deck!

Hilgard Garden, Berkeley, California

If a more abstract design is more suitable for your personality, our Premier Deck staff is happy to introduce you to the Hilgard Garden in Berkeley, California, courtesy of Mary Barensfeld Architecture. This cutting-edge design makes use of sloping steps and walls, dark wood, and beautiful foliage. If you’re looking to create a multi-level outdoor living space, this is an excellent starting point!

Green Roof & Garden, Toronto

If your vision of a home deck is more an attached or wraparound design, you may have luck taking a few key characteristics from a Green Roof & Garden in Toronto, Canada. This style also makes heavy use of dark boxwood, integrating a large number of plants and herb garden planters. Along with offering beautiful views, this English wide-open nursery design includes limestone and modern colors. Get started with your own unique vision now!

Romolo Private Terrace, Milan

The last step on our tour is the Romolo Private Terrace in Milan, Italy. By utilizing plants as walls, Mazzucchelli planned three particular spaces—a dining region, huge lounge, and comfortable porch. Purple seats pair impeccably with likewise shaded Japanese maples, geraniums, and sedums. If this mirrors your own dream, contact our Premier Deck team to get started on your custom-built deck!

Create The Perfect Design With Premier Deck

Genius doesn’t happen in a vacuum, and the best place to gather ideas for projects is by looking at others’ work. Premier Deck offers New Hampshire and Maine homeowners everything from an initial consultation and visit, to design work, construction, and a final walk-through of the finished product. Learn more about us today!