Get Your Deck Ready for the Fall

Fall is a wonderful time of year here in New Hampshire. The leaves are turning brilliant hues of yellow, red, and purple, the animals are migrating south for the winter, and the weather is becoming colder with each day, but preserving the mid-afternoons with the perfect temperature.

Premier Deck is a local deck builder that specializes in deck installations and repairs. We help both commercial and residential customers here in New Hampshire with the best custom decks, unique railing options, helical pile foundations, and lattices. Below, we'll go over some ways to prepare your deck for the fall.

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Clean Off Debris and Fallen Leaves

You'll want to clean off any debris, such as sticks and twigs, as well as leaves that may have fallen onto your deck. This will ensure no snow piles up on top of leaves, setting the stage for wood rot during the long winter months. Plus, since the weather is perfect for hanging out on your deck and carving pumpkins, you want a beautiful, clean space to enjoy, too.


Ready the Firepit

Many people love to sit on their decks during the colder nights, sip hot cocoa, and watch the stars emerge. However, you want to be warm while doing so, which is why having a firepit can make a world of difference. Ensure your firepit is ready to go with a stockpile of wood, ingredients to make s'mores, and hot cacao, too.


Schedule Any Needed Repairs

Since your deck is outdoors, the New Hampshire weather can take its toll. Walk around your deck and look for any areas that may need maintenance or repairs. Look for loose boards, missing nails or a loose railing, and if you notice any of these signs (or others) on a deck that you had installed by Premier Deck, give us a call for a deck check today! If your deck is looking really worse for the wear and you are thinking about updating your deck, call our custom deck building company for a free estimate on a new custom deck today!


Power Wash Your Deck

Finally, you'll want to power wash your deck at your New Hampshire home. This will help to get rid of the dirt and grime buildup from the year and make your deck bright and shiny for the fall season. You may also want to put on a protective topcoat on your deck in order to help it better weather the winter.


Premier Deck serves the New Hampshire Lakes Region to the Seacoast, offering premier deck design and installation, so you can enjoy your outdoor living space to the max.

Our deck design process begins with an initial visit to your home or office. Here, we'll visit with you, asking a lot of questions about what you are looking for in a deck and your primary uses. Then, we'll get to work on a custom deck design for you. We'll present you with our proposal and offer you the chance to make changes as necessary. Then we'll begin the deck building phase, installing your deck to perfection. Once it's complete, we'll perform a final walkthrough, making sure you are 100% satisfied with the job. We offer a five-year craftsmanship warranty, a 30-year product warranty, and a free deck check after the first year — all to ensure your deck is still going strong.

If you are interested in our deck design and installation services for your New Hampshire home or business, call for a free estimate today!

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