As a resident of New England, you know just how brutal our winters can be. Snow, wind, ice — you name it, and our coastal towns get hit with it. Because of this, it is not uncommon for most deck contractors and other general outdoor contractors to take the season off,  but here at Premier Deck, we work through the winter so that you can have your custom deck completed by spring — when you need it.

In today’s blog post, your custom deck builders in New England, Premier Deck, will be discussing why we choose to continue building decks for our clients throughout the winter.

Why Do We Work Through The Winter?

It might seem a little odd to most oft our clients that we offer our custom deck building services during the winter, after all, it is not like they can use their deck when it is 20 degrees and dropping. While it may seem a little odd, it is a well-calculated decision of ours, as we want you to be able to spend every second of summer on your new deck. Some custom deck projects may take weeks to properly complete, as there is no doubt that your home is unique, and your new custom deck must be perfectly tailored to match the contours of your home and the slope of the ground your home lies on. If your deck contractor schedules a build on your property during the summer, you are then forgoing multiple weeks of time that you could potentially be spending on the deck with your family and friends. By working with Premier Decks, you will never wonder what a hot summer day would feel like on your new deck while watching from inside.

So don’t feel discouraged from contacting us to schedule a consultation with one of our custom deck builders just because winter is approaching. Contact us today!

How Can We Build A Deck In The Winter?

Some people wonder how it is possible for the Premier Decks custom deck builder team to construct decks in the middle of the harsh New England winter. The answer is — it’s not easy, but we do it anyway. We work hard in the winter so that you can relax outdoors in the spring.

Firsts Things First, How Do We Stay Warm And Dry?

One of the most common questions that we get from our clients is “Don’t you get cold out there?”, and the answer is yes — sometimes we do. But as our team of deck contractors begins to get used to the bone-chilling New England winter, it really isn’t that bad. With a little bit of planning and dressing accordingly, we really don’t mind building your custom decks during the winter.

How Can We Adequate Set Set The Foundation of Your Deck?

While some deck contractors in the New England area decide to wait until summer so that they can auger out a chunk of earth and pour a concrete foundation, we utilize a ground anchoring technique known as helical anchors. Helical anchors are a deck anchoring technique that utilizes a series of steel plates and steel shafts that can be driven into the ground under even the harshest of condition — conditions like the New England permafrost.

The bottom plate of the helical anchor is angled (helix) like the skirting of a screw allowing it to be driven into the ground using downward pressure and rotation. Once the anchor is in place another metal bracket can be welded or attached to the top of the helical anchor so that the custom decking material can be framed, built, and fastened to the earth.

Why Should You Choose Premier Deck For Your Next Custom Deck Build?

At Premier Deck we do everything that we can to ensure that our customers are content with their deck — including constructing it in the winter so that you can enjoy it as soon as the birds begin to chirp again. Our deck contractors tailor our services to meet each individual client’s needs down to the T. We construct both custom composite decks and custom wood decks, and yes, we do it in the winter, spring, summer, and fall. If you are looking for a custom deck in the New England area, we urge you to contact us for a consultation and custom estimate from one of our custom deck builders.

We look forward to speaking with you and look forward to building your custom deck!

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