Types Of Decks

It’s time to start your deck building project! Whether you’re looking to add another layer of value to your residential property, or you want to create a unique outdoor living space, Premier Deck is here to help! Maybe you already have a vision of what your dream deck will look like, but if you don’t our team can walk you through a few common types of decks that may be up your alley! Let us help you curate the perfect architectural design by scheduling a consultation whenever it’s convenient!


One of the common styles Premier Deck’s builders recreate for New Hampshire homeowners is the wraparound, which is highly valued for its expansive functionality. By installing a deck like this as an attachment to your home — which “wraps around” two or more sides of the house — certain areas are in the sun while overs are in the shade. This gives you the freedom to use the space during whatever time of day you’d like, and the deck can be accessed through several different doors.


An attached style is what most homeowners think about when the term “deck” comes to mind. The Premier Deck team can help you build an outdoor living space that functions essentially like a patio, typically with either an L-shape or U-shaped design. This type of project is also “attached” to the home, and is perfect for making the most out of a smaller yard, or for creating a space for family and friends to gather.


As the name suggests, the “detached” style from Premier Deck is the exact opposite of the “attached” style; also known as “island decks,” a project of this nature is not built as an adornment to a house, and instead is it’s own structure in a backyard. While uncommon, this is the perfect way to create a mini “getaway” from your busy home where you can grill, lounge, sunbathe, or have a romantic night in.


If your home is situated on a slope of sorts, much like other New Hampshire and Maine homes, when a multi-level deck can safely guide visitors from your home and into the backyard; this allows you to better utilize your property. Premier Deck is more than capable of building a deck that is attached to the house, and features platforms on multiple pitches connected with either stairs or walkways.

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If you’re not sure which of these common deck types would work best for your home, let us help! Schedule a consultation with our team today, and we can answer any questions you may have about the process and our capabilities!