When Is The Best Time Of Year To Hire A Deck Builder?

Premier Deck is happy to give New Hampshire and Maine-area homeowners a beautiful new composite deck to enjoy in the spring and summer. However, this doesn’t mean spring and summer are the ideal times of the year in which to launch a home improvement project like this. In order to properly enjoy your custom-built deck to its fullest, our Premier Deck experts recommend contacting us to start your project in the off-season: late fall and winter. While we’re available to service you all throughout the calendar year, let us explain why fall and winter are the best times to have your new deck built!

The Humidity Is Reduced

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It Lessens The Workload

Because fall and winter are considered the off-seasons, and because the heat is not as debilitating, having your own custom deck built during this time is more likely to take less time. We understand you want to have your deck all ready to use by the time summer comes back, which is why contacting us when we are historically less busy gives you the best chance for a speedy project. If you’re concerned or have questions about our general timeline, check out our prior FAQ blogs or schedule a consultation!

You Will Save Money

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You Can Really Enjoy The Weather

By the time summer comes back around, chances are you want to spend as much time as possible spending time with your friends and family — in fact, ideally, you’d want to host them all at your house and barbeque on your new deck. But if you want too long to get started on this project, it will likely result in you having less time to spend in the warm air on your deck. In order to start Day One of summer on the right foot, get started with Premier Deck!

Contact Premier Deck Today About Next Steps

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