What Is a Commercial Deck?

When people think of commercial decks, they usually think of any normal residential deck built to a larger scale on a commercial property. While yes, in the simplest definition a commercial deck is a deck on a commercially-zoned property, there are many subtle differences between a commercial and residential deck. Below, we have outlined some of the key differences between commercial and residential decks, as well as how our commercial deck builders can help meet codes and standards put in place by your local government. 

Building Codes

For construction of any kind, there are unique building codes that regulate how construction can and cannot be done. For commercial decks, the codes are designed with safety in mind. Being that most commercial decks are built with the intent for high occupancy, there are a number of structural requirements and accessibility requirements that must be met. 

For commercial decks, in particular, a builder and business owner might decide to make the deck part of the exit, part of the exit discharge, or part of the exit access — all of which have different building requirements. When you work with the team at Premier Deck, you can rest easy knowing that our experienced commercial deck builders will design your deck to meet your business’ needs and build the deck in compliance with the appropriate building code.


Unless you have never had construction done on your property, you likely know that almost all new construction requires a building permit from your local government. At Premier Deck, we have an extensive knowledge in permit acquisition and are here to help you acquire the necessary paperwork and approval for your new commercial deck. 


As a homeowner, you have a pretty good idea of who will be using your deck and what unique needs that people might have. Because of this, residential decks can generally be built in a way that meets the needs of the homeowner and the homeowner’s immediate family. For commercial decks, however, it is unknown what type of needs that future patrons might have — meaning that the deck must be built to be accessible by anyone. 

At Premier Deck, we have extensive experience building commercial decks that can be accessible to people with a variety of disabilities. When you work with our commercial deck builders, our team will ensure that your new outdoor space is accessible to everyone — regardless of what kind of disabilities your future patrons might have. 

Means of Egress 

Means of egress is defined by the International Building Code (IBC) as a “continuous and unobstructed path of vertical and horizontal egress travel from any occupied portion of a building or structure to a public way.” In short, this means that there must be adequate entrances and exits to deal with the large occupancy of your commercial space. 

As experienced commercial deck builders, we understand the rules and regulations that relate to means of egress. Because of this, we can build your commercial deck in a way that will facilitate the flow of traffic should your patrons and staff have to leave safely in an emergency situation.


As a commercial property owner, you likely know that there is a maximum occupancy for every space. The occupancy of an already constructed space is determined by a local government inspector. That said, if you are building a commercial structure you have a better opportunity to create a space that meets your desired occupancy needs.

When you work with our commercial deck builders at Premier Deck, you can rest assured that our team will build you an outdoor space that greatly increases the maximum occupancy of your property. 

Load Capacity

Residential decks are usually built with a small group of people in mind. After all, a beautiful custom deck in your backyard will only ever see high traffic when you decide to have people over for a party or barbecue. Because of this, they don’t need to be overly-reinforced. Commercial decks, however, are designed to hold the weight of a large number of people for long periods of time and heavy traffic. Because of this, the deck must be built strong and the deck must be built to remain strong for years to come. 

At Premier Deck, our helical pile foundations can be specially tailored to creating a more stable base for your commercial deck. In doing so, your deck will remain structurally sound even during high-traffic times and the years to come. Learn more about our helical pile foundations today


Last, but certainly not least, the way that a commercial deck is designed is much different than one might design a residential deck. When designing a residential deck, the main concerns are to create an outdoor space that is easily accessible and can comfortably fit a small number of people. When designing a residential deck, however, it is important that you consider the amount of people who will be on the deck at one time, how people could safely exit the deck in an emergency, and how to make the deck accessible for those who have disabilities — not to mention that it should also be designed in a way that optimizes the flow of staff and patron traffic. 

As experienced custom deck designers, our team of commercial deck builders is here to work with you to design and build your dream deck. We will bring our existing commercial deck building knowledge, you will bring your ideas and needs, and we will work together to design you the beautiful, functional deck that your business deserves.