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Have your Deck Ready by Spring!


Creative Lattice Ideas For Your Deck

Deck lattice installation

Decks are more than just an extension of your home; they are a versatile outdoor space that can be transformed into a beautiful oasis. One of the best ways to add character and privacy to your deck is by incorporating lattice designs. Lattice is a classic and versatile choice for adding visual appeal and functionality to your outdoor space. Premier Deck is here to inspire you with creative lattice ideas that can turn your deck into a work of art. In this blog post, we will explore some of the most imaginative ways to use lattice to enhance your deck.

Benefits of Using Lattice Panels For Storage Rooms

Using deck lattice panels for storage rooms on your deck comes with several benefits. First and foremost, it allows you to maximize the space on your deck by creating a separate area for storage. This is especially useful if you have limited space and need to make the most of every square inch.

Ideas for Storage Rooms with Lattice

1. Lattice Shelving: Install lattice panels as shelves to hold boxes, bins, and other storage containers. The lattice design adds a touch of elegance while providing a sturdy and breathable surface for your items.

2. Lattice Wall Hooks: Attach lattice panels to the wall and use hooks to hang tools, gardening equipment, or even bicycles. This not only saves floor space but also creates an organized and accessible storage solution.

3. Lattice Pegboard: Use lattice as a pegboard to hang small tools, craft supplies, or kitchen utensils. With the holes in the lattice, you can easily customize the placement of hooks and hangers to suit your storage needs.

4. Lattice Cabinet Doors: Replace traditional cabinet doors with lattice panels to give your storage room a unique and airy look. This design allows air circulation while still keeping your items concealed.

5. Lattice Room Divider: If you have a larger storage room that serves multiple purposes, use lattice as a room divider. This creates separate sections for different types of items, such as gardening tools, sports equipment, or holiday decorations.

Custom Door Lattice Skirting

Another great way to use deck lattice in your property is as custom door lattice skirting. This is a decorative and functional option for concealing the space underneath porches, decks, or stairs. By adding deck lattice skirting, you can enhance the overall appearance of your property while also protecting it from pests and debris.

Adding a Decorative Touch with Lattice Skirting

Lattice skirting can be a great way to add a decorative touch to your home. Whether you have a porch, deck, or stairs, adding lattice skirting can instantly elevate the exterior and make it more visually appealing to guests.

Another advantage of deck lattice installation is increased privacy. If your property has an outdoor seating area or patio, lattice skirting can provide privacy from neighboring properties or passersby. This creates a more intimate and enjoyable space for your tenants to relax and enjoy.

Plastic Lattice Skirting

One option for lattice skirting is plastic deck lattice. Plastic lattice is a durable and low-maintenance material that is resistant to rot, warp, and insects. It is available in a variety of colors and styles, allowing you to choose the option that best matches your property’s aesthetic.

Wooden Skirting

If you prefer a more natural and traditional look, wooden skirting may be the right choice for your property. Wood lattice panels can add warmth and character to the exterior of your property, creating a cozy and inviting atmosphere.

One advantage of wooden skirting is its versatility. You can easily customize the design and style of the lattice to match the overall aesthetic of your property. Whether you prefer a classic or modern look, wooden skirting can be tailored to your preferences.

White Vinyl Lattice Skirting

White vinyl lattice skirting is another popular option. It offers a clean and modern look that can enhance the overall appearance of your property. White vinyl lattice is also a low-maintenance option, as it does not require painting or staining. Simply clean it with soap and water, and it will look good as new.

Install Lattice Around Your Steps

Adding lattice around the steps of your home can enhance its overall appearance and provide added safety. You can also customize your design by installing lattice under deck, and on the sides of the steps to create a stylish and functional barrier.

When installing lattice around your steps, it’s important to ensure that it is securely fastened. Use durable materials to attach the lattice to the steps and make sure it is properly aligned. This will ensure that the lattice remains stable and doesn’t pose a safety hazard.

Use Lattice In The Front Of The Home

Using deck lattice in the front of your property can greatly enhance its curb appeal. It can be used as decorative accents around the porch or entrance, adding a touch of elegance to your property. Deck lattice can also be used as a privacy screen, allowing you and your family to enjoy their outdoor space without feeling exposed.

When choosing deck lattice for the front of your home, consider the material and color that will best complement your property. Plastic lattice is a popular choice as it is durable, easy to maintain, and comes in a variety of colors. 

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