If you’re getting a custom deck done, chances are you want it to have a little extra flair or comfort than its basic, standard-issue counterparts. Through latticework, planters, and benches, we can make that happen.


A lattice is a classic look that conveniently provides the added benefit of privacy. Like many good things, it’s difficult to create or even just to place. The good news is, we can help with that. Whether you want an entirely lattice deck wall or just a touch, we’ve got your back.


Sure, you could buy planters elsewhere and attach them to your deck yourself. But, do you really want to do all that work for something that won’t end up looking too great? Allowing our professional team to take care of it is a great way to make sure your planters are high-quality and look awesome.


A built-in bench on your deck is a great way to provide comfortable seating for yourself, your family, and your guests without taking up a ton of space. Our team will happily create a built-in bench system for your deck, so that you can get right to entertaining.

Reach out to us today to find out more about our additional options, or to request that they be incorporated into your deck design.

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