Picture This: It is a warm summer day and you find yourself sitting outside comfortably until the sun begins to set. You are with your friends and family, and everyone is incredibly impressed with your new outdoor living space. 

At Premier Deck, we design and build custom decks for homeowners in Portsmouth, Alton, and Greenland, New Hampshire, as well as Eliot and Kittery, Maine.  As a Top Rated Local® New Hampshire custom deck builder, our team, here at Premier Deck, is known for high-quality custom deck designs that are sure to meet all of your unique needs and desires. 

Why Choose A Custom Deck?

When homeowners decide to have a new deck designed and installed on their home, they typically think of a standard square deck with a staircase coming off of it. A custom deck, however, is meant to meet all of your unique needs as a homeowner 

What Makes A Custom Deck Special?

As custom deck builders, people often ask us “What is the difference between a custom deck and any other old deck?” Some people might think it is obvious because of the word “custom,” but a great number of people tend to not understand what makes a custom deck deserving of its title. 

As Top Rated Local® New Hampshire custom deck builders, we have a great deal of experience designing and building custom decks for our customers. Each time that we build a custom deck, we do so in such a way that increases the value and function of a homeowner’s outdoor space. But what are the unique reasons that people decide that a custom deck is the best option for their home?

It Fits The Property And Home

Any time that you decide to build a deck, you are likely doing so because you want a functional outdoor space that you do not currently have. For some, there is no flat or usable ground on the property and a deck is a solution to make a functional outdoor living space. For others, however, there is an existing outdoor living space, but it could be further optimized so that you can get the most out of it. 

Whether you are considering having a deck built to create space or optimize the existing space, you can benefit greatly from getting in touch with a custom deck builder like us, here at Premier Deck — because when we start to design a custom deck, we are doing so in such a way that all of your unique needs are met. 

It Adds To The Value Of Your Property

When people think of having a deck built, they usually do so for two reasons. One one hand, people consider the physical value that the deck can provide to them and their family. On the other, however, they consider the value that the deck can add to their home. 

When you work with experienced deck builders, such as ourselves, you can expect to have a beautiful, functional, and lasting outdoor living space that is sure to add value to you while you live there while also adding to the value of your home should you ever leave. 

Custom Decks Can Be Built Quickly

When people think of custom decks in comparison to generic deck designs, they tend to associate them with an extended project deadline. While yes, some of the custom measurements, tweaks, and features might push back the project deadline when compared to a deck that has predetermined measurements and cuts, it does not really take much longer for a custom deck builder to build the deck. And after all, isn’t it worth it so that you can have a deck that meets all of your aesthetic and functional needs?

Custom Deck Design

So, you have decided to get in touch with your local custom deck builders here at Premier Deck to have a new deck designed and built on your New Hampshire or Maine property. Upon contacting our team of custom deck builders, there are a few things that you should consider, with one of the most important being what kind of deck that you would like to have built on your property. Below, we have listed a few of the more common types of custom decks that people wish to have built on their property. 

Attached Deck

An attached deck is one of the simpler decks in the world of custom deck building. Essentially, an attached deck is an extension of your home that will act much like a patio would. Some of the more common uses for attached decks are to connect two buildings that are side by side on level ground, to create a patio on the back of an L-shaped home, as well as to create an outdoor living space for homeowners with smaller yards. 

Detached Decks (Island Decks)

A less common style of deck, but an equally feasible design, is that of the detached deck. Detached decks are commonly used to create a level space a short distance away from a home that can be used for lounging, grilling, or catching some rays on a patch of ground that was previously unlevel and hard to use. 

Wraparound Deck

Wraparound decks are one of the most functional decks that can be built. Similar to a wraparound porch, wraparound decks are built to provide functional outdoor space on two or more sides of the house — allowing you to follow the sun or move out of the sun on a hot summer day. 

Multi-Level Deck

In New Hampshire and Maine, it is not uncommon for homes to be situated on a slope that leads to the yard being a little less functional than one might like. As custom deck builders, we can utilize multi-level decks to build platforms on multiple pitches of the slope that are connected by stairs or walkways. When it comes to multi-level decks, there can be projects both small and large. 

The Beauty Of A Custom Deck: You Can Make It Your Own

While we have listed a few of the more common decks that we are commissioned to build as custom deck builders, it can’t be guaranteed that a custom deck will fall within one of the classifications. Instead, a custom deck will be within a few deviations of a common deck-building style, but will also address the unique wants and needs mandated by the yard and homeowner preference.